Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wishing you a Happy New Year

2011 has been an eventful, joy filled, tear filled, busy, crazy year of growth, love and grace!

We are so grateful to each of you, for keeping us grounded, sane and focused on the tasks at hand.  Without each of you and your individual roles as family members, church members, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and yes even some strangers along the way, for sure our lives would be less fulfilled, less colorful, and very very ordinary! 

We have had many highs during the past year, and in my estimation, the greatest would be getting away for a whole week with my husband, the Prince, as we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  We spent a wonderful, relaxing week in Florida... basking in the sun, each other's company, and peace and quiet!

But other things that ranked high on the list include in no particular order...
  • the graduation of our eldest dwarf from high school
  • a fantastic visit from our dear friends from Florida
  • finding a wonderful facility for Grumpy to attend to work out some struggles
  • continuing my business, growing it and finding many new friends on the way
  • the growth of the Prince's ministry in our church and to our community
  • a visit from our favorite Spanish daughter
  • the return of our favorite Korean dwarf
  • Doc having the opportunity to travel to Spain
  • the addition of Lola and Lucy - our black and yellow (Steeler's puppies)
  • the time we had with a special 10 year old Korean dwarf
  • camping with the family and with friends
  • spending time at the pool relaxing in the summer
  • the joy of giving
  • the joy of sharing Christ's love with others
  • the start of Kids Hope USA at our church
  • the love and support of our friends and family
  • Bashful's first basketball season 
  • God's provisions - for just what we need
I find that the best times are when the house is filled with activity, the children are laughing... but in my older age, I am starting to seek out ways to slow down the craziness of life, stay closer to home and to bask in the contentment of experiencing God's great love and grace for me each day. 

May you and your family be blessed as we enter into this new year, relax in the knowledge that trials are to grow, us not break us, that opportunities to serve others before ourselves are available at every turn in the road.  If you are reading this, know that you and your families are loved and cherished by us. 

Happy New Year !!

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