Friday, February 24, 2017

Sometimes there are lemons, sometimes lemonade!

Around the kingdom, there are periods of time when we experience rough patches. Sometimes of our own doing, sometimes brought on by others and conditions that we have no control over.

If the rough patches are extended or compounded in any way, I typically find myself weary and defeated.  Sometimes the affects are physical, other times just mental, but at the end of the day, it all leaves me in the same place.  Crying out to the Lord for some indication that I am not loosing my ever loving mind, and pleading for a glimpse of His goodness and grace!

I rejoice that I can always find that hope and encouragement.  A letter in the mail, a phone call or a text from a friend.  Then, when I least expect it, today, I was reminded in a staggering and mighty way, that God is good all the time, and I need not worry because He has the details and knows just when this heart needs to be encouraged!

Now before I go bragging about my great day, I understand you may not see the significance or the wow factor, and that is okay.  In a series of crazy events over the course of many weeks, including but not limited to; stepping repeatedly in fire ant hills in the dark while searching for a child at a school event,  struggling with some sore and aching joints, a major meltdown from an overworked exhausted dwarf, going to an appointment for travel shots three weeks early, and scheduling a "free house cleaning" that was a christmas gift, from the wrong company and no one realizing they were the wrong cleaning service until the house was half cleaned... I feel like today was a gift.

A big fat juicy milk bone, to be savored... or a pile of lemons turned into the sweetest lemonade I have ever tasted!

Let's start in the beginning.  The Prince had the day off and so we had a leisurely morning at home, and then headed to meet up with the oldest dwarf, Doc, and her hubby for breakfast.  It seems everyone has had such busy schedules lately and so the time to catch up was a great start to the day! There is no substitute for spending time with your dwarfs face to face!

From there, I had to make a run to the post office.  Dopey went with me willingly, and we enjoyed good conversation on the ride.  As the dwarfs get older it is harder and harder to catch glimpses of them and to keep current on all that is important to them.  It was nice upon returning to the house for him to give me a kiss and a hug just because!

The prince left for a visit with friends on the other coast, and I headed out to a track meet with Sleepy.  One of the highlights of my last 24 years of parenting is cheering on the activities of my dwarfs!!  If I may recount, and my there have been so many....
                    Doc danced and played soccer, basketball and volleyball
                    Sneezy played field hockey, and soccer
                    Dopey played baseball and basketball
                    Happy wrestled and played baseball and soccer
                    Grumpy played baseball, basketball, football and soccer
                    Sleepy danced and played basketball, soccer, participates in JROTC events and throws                         shot and discus
                    Bashful wrestled, played t-ball, baseball, basketball

I digress, after that rabbit trail, we jump back to track today.   Sleepy not only set two personal records one in each of her field events; discus (103 feet) taking second overall all, and shot put (32.125 ft) first overall, but she broke the school record (unofficially) for discus. (According to the head coach.)  And she made it look so easy!! Best part in my opinion, is that I was able to be there to witness it all!  That feat made possible because Dopey was willing to transport dwarf's home from school for me today and transport one to work so that I could be away from the house during a tough transitional part of the day!  Again, win for team Dwarfs as they kill it with the team work!

In other news, while we were an hour from the kingdom in the wonderful Florida sunshine, which is always a mood booster, a friend of a dwarf was helping another dwarf win at the art of asking a young lady out.  Said dwarf friend, took Happy for a hair cut, offered wardrobe assistance, took him to purchase flowers and then took him to do the "ask"!   So much nicer to be accompanied by a peer than your momma!  Guess what?  She said yes!   For any of you that know either Happy or recognize his adorable date in any social media posts,  please know that they are just going as friends.  She was super kind to accept and I would expect that Happy will be on cloud nine for days. I am amazed at how brave he was,  and how handsome he looked!  Best part the dwarf friend took and sent photos so we will have the memories for a lifetime!

A call from Grumpy's work early, started to send my near perfect day into a downward spin.  On a Friday night at a pizza shop, no one should be finished working before 8PM...  As Grumpy is relaying to me that he needs picked up, I ask him, "Why?  Did something happen? It is so early!"  His manager hops on the phone to say, we were slow and he is first out tonight, but he did a great job while he was here !   Bam!  Yet another win for the day!!

As I sit here, I am rejoicing in the greatness of the day, and how blessed I feel.  Just as I think this day can't get any better, Grumpy, after showering comes down the stairs and congratulates Sleepy on her killer day today on the field, and congratulates his brother on the fact that the girl said yes!  Insert head shake here.  So out of character for Grumpy!

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring!  What I do know is today was filled with so very many sweet moments, that even if it all falls apart in the morning, I can recall today with a full and grateful heart! I praise the Lord for these moments!  Each one individually would have still been a win, but combined has made for a stellar day all around!  We have applauded and enjoyed each victory, including a big spontaneous round of applause a few minutes ago.  For now this is exactly what this momma needed.  God is good all the time!

You really can't make this stuff up!