Monday, November 17, 2014

Bashful, giving others a good bashing???

Okay... "Mrs. Lingle, do you have a minute? " is always a sure fired way to get my attention.  Rarely, am I refereed to as " Mrs. Lingle".     It is the youth pastor asking if I have a moment, he has a concern about Bashful.   The pastor starts out the conversation, seemingly unsure how to present to me the information that he clearly feels he needs to share about Bashful.  I just indicate to him, that he is not going to upset me or hurt my feelings, as not much surprises me any more with these dwarfs of mine. Just say it.      

So the saga begins.  It seems that Bashful, is "bragging" during the youth gathering that morning, that he is getting into a lot of fights at school.  That the kids are starting things with him, but in a confident voice indicates, that he is ending them!  He is beating them up, cuffing them a "good one" and making them wish that they had not starting picking on him! When questioned further about the name of the his most recent victim of his fists of fury, Bashful, in an off the cuff  response, replies that he doesn't know that "ginger's " name, but that he really messed him up! 

The youth pastor is concerned and felt the need  to discuss this with us.  Understandable!  I am grateful.  I am sure that the pastor did not expect that I would laugh out loud at his recounting of this situation. But I did laugh. Out loud. While shaking my head, and most likely I threw in an eye roll at the crazy lunacy of the fabricated story.

I shared with him, after asking some clarifying questions of course,  that I was 99% sure that the whole story was an untruth.  The Prince and I  shared a good laugh about it  as we discussed the best way to handle this situation with Bashful, and spent rest of the morning until we were able to talk to him one on one,  referred to him as "slugger".  (I know we probably should have resisted the name calling, but stuff happens, don't judge!)

Rest assured, all you faint of heart, Bashful is not being bullied nor is he being a bully.  He just lives in a world where his reality is what he makes up.  Additionally that morning he was also  struggling with MROS - Mouth Runneth Over Syndrome.   

You really can't make this stuff up!  

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