Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh that boy! (Written by Happy's Teacher, today's guest blogger)

True story... again you just can't make this stuff up!

So after lunch during quiet time I hear a female student yell out, Happy you're bleeding!! I look at Happy and say, oh my word, you are bleeding!" Happy looks at me with no concern and lies his head on his desk in the pool of blood... I ask him to come up to my desk and he asks why. I look at him as the blood is dripping from his nose all over the floor and down his chin. He walks up to my desk and begins to bleed all over my desk. I point out the blood on his hands and he proceeds to lick the blood off his palms. I ask him what he thinks he should do and he says, "sit back down?" I say, "ummm noooo, do you think you should go see the nurse" and he looks at me puzzled and says, "why would I need to do that?" I say, "well you are bleeding all over the place". Still unconvinced that he is experiencing anything less than normalcy, I shake my head, laugh to myself, and write him a pass...

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