Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do I Smell Smoke???

Ah yes, another day at home for the public school children. Election day means that the kids are home with me for the day.  No big deal right, they both slept in, and had a leisurely breakfast... I am getting a lot of work done...day is going great.  As I head out to move vehicles around the driveway, my youngest comes running to me crying that he has a "rush burn" on his hand.  Hum.. well go wash it off I say.  So he goes in the house, and I follow a few minutes later to see that it is more than a "rush burn" it is a thumb pad with a hunk of skin missing from it... So as I am showing a great deal of empathy and sympathy for my young yellow headed dwarf, (which anyone who knows me well, knows that these are not areas of great strength for me) I catch a whiff of something akin to smoke... like wood fire smoke... like fresh air and smoke mixed together. 

I say to Bashful... were you lighting something outside, trying to burn it?  Eyes wide open, shocked that I would accuse him of such a thing... he says emphatically "NO!!"   Sniff, sniff, sniff... sure thing it is smoke that I smell.  "Bashful, can you please tell  me what you are doing outside?" "NOTHING!!"

"Well, maybe I was trying to light some leaves on fire, in my fort, with a lighter that Happy gave me."

There you have it, push too hard and the answers are always there... just not always the answers that make us happy - so it really seems that Happy has a lighter supplier, and he is getting the lighters from school and passing them on to his 9 year old brother... just for kicks and giggles!

Can you make this stuff up? Maybe if you have a lot of time on your hands!

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