Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What a Good Mom Am I ... NOT !

Well as you all know, our house has been plauged this year with illnesses. It seems that one right after another as we have rolled through pink eye, and chicken pox, stomach flu, and sinus infections.  As much as I hate that the crud won't leave our house, I am remembering that this is not the case every year, and I am thankful that the majority of the time, the majority of the house is functioning and healthy... 

However, Doc seems this year to be struck by everything... (except the stomach flu...knock on wood). 

This week she has been assulted by a tickle and a cough that is relentless.  We have tried a variety of medicine to help her sleep and stop coughing at night - none have worked.  So Tuesday, after having the day off school on Monday, and suffering through another sleepless night, I say to her... "I have something that will fix you right up...maybe?" 

I proceed to dig around in the cubboard for some cough medicine that my doctor gave me when I had pnemonia, that did not work at all for me. It was a pill.  I told Doc to take that , and then I followed that with a 12 hour cough medicine in liquid form, which had not been successful for her at all to this point. 

Doc heads to school and then to a field trip. It is a few hours til I see her again.  In she comes, yellow curls bouncing, to my office with a big cheery HI Mom!  Not exactly my Doc's standard greeting.  How was the field trip I ask, she indicates that it was great and that she really enjoyed watching the smoke of the incense curl and twirl into the air. (they went to a Buddist temple)

She then hops over to me and says, "my eyes are blurry, do they look blurry to you?" as she sticks her face in mine. Now I am wondering, what is going on with this girl.  She is rather excitable it seems, and in a far better mood than she has been in, say for about a year?!

I ask her if she feels okay, "yup" is her reply.  "Well, she says, talking very fast, I do feel funny, I am not able to stop talking and my head feels fuzzy."  All the while the swish of her yellow curls bouncing with each word.   

Then it hits me - the cough medicine that did not work for me, IS working for her and I also gave her the "back up" in case the pill didn't work, so I have esentially gotten my daughter high on cough medicine. Oh brother is all I can think, But instead I ask her this question, "Are you coughing?" 

NOPE, not coughing at all !!

Lesson learned, try one medication at a time, and never send a child with too much medication to the Buddist temple...

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