Monday, January 31, 2011


Me and My BFF !

There are times is life when a BFF is really the only one that you can turn to, you can't turn to your co-worker, or a neighbor, a relative or a child, sometimes in situations of great distress only a BFF will do!

My BFF and I have known each other since we were this size --- I know what your thinking the blonde must be me seeing as how I am towering over her --- ah ha - you forget that today is the anniversary of her birth, so the fact of the matter is that she is just older than I!  Hence forth at this time in our life, BIGGER , I mean taller than me!

As  you can see from the photo - she has always loved me. (or is she trying to push me out of my chair?)  However I can't say that I have always had those same feelings for her.(although I think I wanted her out of my chair!)  She was a wee bit spoiled in my mind, and while at that age I am sure my harsh assessment stemmed from extreme jealously... but I can't be certain of that all these years later.

I will say this - God brought her back into my life when I least expected it and in a way that I would have never imagined, and that was over 16 years ago. I must also say that I knew who she was all those years ago, and she had NOT a clue who I was until weeks later... to say that I was struggling to with the grown up version of my friend from so many years ago would be an understatement!

But because of her love for the Lord and complete cluelessness about my life long grudge against her, she called me because she wanted to be my accountability partner.  Hum - I can remember to this day, standing in my kitchen looking out the window, talking on a green phone on a cord about how that would be wonderful... who doesn't need a little accountability in their life? 

Well fast forward through our husbands and piles of kids to the present.  There has only been a few days in all these years that we have not spoken to one another at least once a day on the phone or via a text message or some other electronic messaging device. 

I would like to think that she is a great extension of me. Or maybe to say that she is my opposite and that is why we get along so well.  We can agree to disagree, she can get the items on the low shelves and I can reach the high - my Capri's are full length pants on her - we both love a good cup of coffee - mine is just way sweeter than hers- and we love a good cry and an even better laugh. She likes little cars and I like big trucks, she is numbers smart - I am the big picture girl.  She likes to have a plan, I like to fly by the seat of my pants! 

So many years ago, who would have known that God was preparing us for adult friendship, that kind that is only strengthened day by day, and where absence makes the heart feel like it is going to stop beating...or maybe that is just me having a panic attack because I cant reach her on my electronic devises...We rejoice together in one anothers victories, knowing that God has created us both in His own image, and that we are here to complement each other and bring our strengths to the forefront of our interactions with each other and our spouses and our children. If I never have another Friend like her, I can say that my joy has been completed in knowing and loving her!

Aunt Patty, Crazy Aunt Patty, Patricia, Chicken Little, Chica....

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend Forever and Ever and Ever !

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