Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chicken Pox...really?

Well this may be easier that I anticipated to update the blog on a regular basis.  I figured after the day that we had today we would have a nice relaxing day.  A little worship, and some R & R.  But alas... what was I thinking? 

Sitting in church today and my oldest daughter hands me her cell phone that has a text on it from my sister - in - law.  The message was a bit cryptic, but the long and the short of it made you feel like there was an emergency on our hands.  So I call her as soon as there was an opportunity. 

She relates the tale of the morning through her flu induced state as follows:

The boys (her son and Dopey) are at my mother - in -laws for the weekend.  But her husband is sick with the flu (which we knew)
That they had to take big Pap to the ER because the flu has had him up all night being sick and dehydration and a few other mild health problems had his doctor concerned.
So Dopey and cousin are alone in Reading by themselves. 
Uncle Matt is making the trip to pick the boys up....
And by the way Dopey seems to be exhibiting symptoms of the chicken pox...

Oh ... okay I say - I will see the boy when he gets home.

In the meantime, I find out that a boy in his class,  that he spent the day with last Sunday - has the shingles, and that you can get the chicken pox more than one time if you have not had a severe case of them in the past...the first time he had them he was 2 and Sleepy was 3 days old... she also had some small spots then so will she be on the list for pox as well?  Oh and what about our other dwarfs that we have no medical history on - will Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful and Happy also become infected?

Fast forward... boy comes home.... boy has chicken pox and he has been exposed to the flu. Fun for sure.  Really... I kid you not, you can't make this stuff up!

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