Monday, December 6, 2010

Today we have four pink eyes!

Well, I would like to say that since the vomit and the chicken pox, that all things in the house of the 7 dwarfs have calmed down... alas, not so much.

After a week of Dopey struggling through the chicken pox and his impending return to school, a new plague has crept into our home... you guessed it Pink Eye, or as we like to call it : Stink Eye!

  • It stinks that we have to do additional laundry because the pink eye is so infectious and you can't risk a shared towel or wash cloth, blanket or pillow case.
  • It stinks because Sneezy and Happy have to stay at home alone.
  • It stinks because it always costs something, medication, lunch out because we had doctors appointments over the lunch hour, time, energy, juggling of schedules...
  • It stinks because, did I mention,  that it is highly contagious and we have 16 other eyes in the house that could be potentially infected.

But to be fair, Sneezy and Happy are content and super excited that tomorrow,  while the rest of the dwarfs are preparing for school, that they can stay cuddled up in their beds, with dreams of sugarplums dancing in their heads, or at least that is until they try to open their crusted over pasted shut eyes... 

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