Saturday, March 12, 2016

Time stands still for no one... most especially Momma's !

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I'm not sure if I can keep this post to a thousand words or one picture!  

In the blink of an eye, time has passed.  While the event photographed here is not senior prom, or graduation or an off to college shot.  Those milestones are FAST approaching.  Faster than I want, faster than I can process most days.

I am sure she will fill her social media with great pictures from the evening of the military ball, however when I was flipping through the photos from last night, this photo stuck out to me! It says so much about the energy, life, passion and excitement that Sleepy brings to all that she does, and I as I ponder the short amount of time I have left with her before she no longer "needs" me, I wonder...

Have I instilled in her heart and soul and mind the ability to be passionate, compassionate and even when it hurts selfless, humble and kind.  Does she know that the Lord who created her in my inner most parts, loves her more than she can comprehend, and that our love of her is only minimal in comparison to that ?

Does she know know the great lengths that we would go to in an effort to keep her heart, mind and person safe and  protected? How every day is a balancing act for us, as we let her spread her wings a little more, and a little more, without suffocating, helicoptering or over parenting as she attempts to become her own unique Lingle in our kingdom and beyond?  

Can she possibly understand the bittersweet feelings that accompany her growth and maturity? How as a parent the feeling of standing in a position of observer  as other people fill spots in her life that she used to rely solely on for myself or the Prince to fill? Confidant, social coordinator, teacher, coach, mentor, chef, chaperon, chauffeur, negotiator, personal shopper, spiritual guide...

Yet in all this mixed bag of emotions I want her to know,  I feel so blessed that this dwarf seems to be tracking in a direction that is completely and absolutely the way life is to naturally progress!  She is gaining experience, growing in maturity and wisdom, and very rapidly approaching the goal of being independent.  I am overwhelmed that the Lord has gifted me with my youngest daughter who is so full of life and joy, that with very few exceptions, makes it very easy to guide, teach, love.  

In the midst of these every day moments, I do not want to miss the opportunity to say how proud we are of her and how much she has grown!    How her focus and determination makes us stand up and cheer. Her radiant smile is contagious.  Her joy for life evident.

As a momma, I do have one small tiny request....

Could we just slow this all down a little?  Maybe?  How about you take me for coffee and we can talk about it?

Where does time go?  You just can't make this stuff up!  

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