Monday, August 3, 2015

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

It is not an unknown, that the dwarfs in the land of Lingle, are not only special; but in addition are hormonal young adults, prone to make decisions based on what they want in the moment. Without the ability or the desire to follow the impulse through long term to make a logical conclusion about the end consequences in their mind, there are often moments of great stupidity uncovered long after the fact, allowing them to think that they have gotten away with something.

Daily we pray that their sins are found out, and thus far, the Lord has been good in honoring our heartfelt prayer, by revealing to the Prince and I in sometimes the funniest ways, their mistakes, lapses in judgement and down right poor choices.

Two weeks ago, I had to be out of the house for 6 hours of the day. Of course the Prince was at work, Doc, Sleepy and Dopey were all in PA and Sneezy was at work. Literally they were going to be going it alone for the first time in a long time. As I was preparing to leave I spoke to all the dwarf boys in the house, and gave clear instruction for the expectations of the day.  They were to do the lawn, pull brush of the back lot, have lunch and after lunch they could watch some television  if their chores from inside the house were completed.  I reminded them that this was a great opportunity to show that they were maturing and could be responsible. All entered into the day with great enthusiasm, with chorus's of  "We can do this mom." " Don't worry about us."   So out the door I go.

Well a lot of things happened that day.  But not much of it was good, trust building or edifying.  The dwarfs assumed they had gotten away with their antics. One issue was discovered that day and was dealt with, but the other bigger issue lingered for many days... Here is how we pieced it together.

Every Friday is lawn day. The Prince makes sure that the gas can in the garage is full so that the dwarfs have enough gas for both the mowers and the mix can be made for the trimmer and the leaf blower.  Half way through Friday's work session, the dwarfs were out of gas.  Literally out of gas. The can that had just been filled two days prior was bone dry.

See Dwarfs dance, see dwarfs lie, see dwarfs skirt around the reason that the gas can is empty and the lawn is not completely mowed...

- the can was not full
- it took all the gas in both the mowers because they were so empty

Here is the truth.  The day before, two of the dwarfs thought that taking two cars from the driveway out in the neighborhood for a joy ride was a grand plan.  When they got home and began to consider their actions, they panicked. Their total collective smarts and skills of deduction brought them to the conclusion that the owners of the cars would be tipped off to their one mile excursion when they looked at their gas gauges, so they figured they should replace the gas to the cars with the gas in the can for mowing.  Of course when the Prince started to question them, they fell like a house of cards since one dwarf is equipped with an automatic lie detector...his ears turn bright red when he lies.

Here is the funniest part of all this, Bashful, who never shuts up, ratted them out to Doc's finance.  He assumed since Bashful is always talking and trying to get others in trouble, that he was just making stuff  up. The finance did do a bit of diligence, asking Grumpy and Happy if they had been in the cars, to which they replied,  they moved them off the grass to mow, solidifying in his mind that Bashful was indeed just making this stuff up !

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