Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ahoy, Matey!

So, here is a story about a dwarf that has had little coverage in my blogging history,  Dopey.  Aside from the occasional retelling of his tales of large feet and moments of complete "accidental" tomfoolery... he is a dwarf that flies under the radar.

Many months ago, the Prince received an email from our internet provider indicating that there was some questionable activity taking place on our account.  It was not specific, it was in no way enlightening as to what the "questionable" activity was. So the prince talked with all the kids and asked them not to download music, or movies or other items that they did not purchase.   All agreed.  A month later another note to the inbox.  This time it was clear whom to talk directly to, Dopey.

The Prince and Dopey had a long chat about the fact that downloading items, like his favorite movies, from sites that he "thinks" are safe is not a good idea.  If he wants movies then he should consider saving his money and purchasing them at the store.  Dopey indicated that he understood and would stop downloading movies from the internet.

Flash forward to this past Tuesday.  One by one, those in our kingdom, begin attempting to log on to the internet for various reasons through out the day, only to be given an error message:

Due to an account- related matter, your ability to browse the internet has been temporarily disabled. 

Since Doc needed the internet, to do some job related work, and she began the process of restoring our service.  After entering the correct access information, she was presented with a video to watch about copyright infringement, with a question and answer time at the end of the video.  In all her wisdom, Doc forced Dopey to watch the entire video from start to finish.

It seems the video may have been able to convey what the Prince was unable to do.  Project the severity of pirating movies from the internet.   Phrases like your records will not be released to the FBI without them attempting to warn you, the consumer first.  Penalty for pirating movies could include but are not limited to, suspension of services, slower internet speeds, fines, and imprisonment.   Well those things, all made Dopey sit up and take notice.   ( Yes, I know that I have said this before... that Dopey gets it)  Time will tell.  

The Prince however did institute a rule... for the next 30 days, Dopey has to start every sentence with Ahoy, Matey... and end each one with Arg!   This is the reminder that pirating movies off the internet is not acceptable EVER!  Maybe this time it will stick!

You really can't make this stuff up!

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