Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Greetings from the Prince and I

Greetings from the Prince and I ! 

2014 has been an eventful, joy filled, tear filled, busy, crazy year filled with growth, great change and tons of love that spans great distances!

I believe it can not be said enough, that this thing we do, called life, we would not have the ability to sustain or triumph through, without your love and support, without your prayers and your visits, without knowing that the Lord is the center of all that we do. 

The highlight reel this year, most certainly is a long one.  So in a heart of reflection, in no particular order, here are some of our 2014 highlights ( this year I got a consult from the Prince while compiling the list!)
  • Great snow storms in February ( Where we were able to craft our whole family (Daniel too) with pets, made from snow, and in a second storm, a dragon complete with green food coloring skin) 
  • A healthy family all 9 of us, the dwarfs and the Prince and I
  •  A new job position for the Prince, in which he continues to serve the Lord and others daily
  • A new home, in our new home state of Florida
  • The best neighbors ever (Kings Crossing family) 
  • A supportive and loving extended family 
  • A complete and absolute GOD story about the sale of our home to a "stranger" that has become woven into the fabric of the Lingle heritage
  • The wonderful gift of a legacy of friendship and learning at Hershey Christian School 
  • A final middle school girls basketball season ( where I was honored to coach Sleepy) ending in excellence
  • The gift of selfless, and giving friends and family as we prepared for our transition south
  • A month of meals gifted to our family during our transition stage
  • Great new house that is slowly becoming a home
  • Reliable mail service that carries greetings from afar
  • A beautiful new (free) kitchen (about 2 years ahead of schedule) 
  • Air travel that gets us, and our friends and family quickly between PA and FL
  • Involvement in a church that speaks truth, in love
  • Sleepy's involvement in an internship at the above mentioned church 
  • Happy's success at the Hershey Laundry volunteer program
  • Doc's move "home" to sunny Florida
  • Dopey's new job
  • Sneezy's job at a local day care
  • Happy landing a position on the high school JV soccer team as second goalie
  • Bashful entering the technology program and competing in districts
  • Sneezy's acceptance at the local college for the second half of her  academic senior year
  • Sleepy's success in the competitive portion of the JROTC, Raiders 
  • The excitement of adding another son to the family through Doc's engagement 
  • Happy, Bashful and Grumpy's rediscovered love of fishing.
  • Sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine
  • Being 30 minutes tops from the beach by car
  • Manna from heaven that stocked our pantry
  • Technology that affords us the ability to keep in touch with our family and friends with ease
  • Friends, family and more friends that continue to gather around our 12 foot table, even though we moved it 1100 miles
  •  New relationships growing and forming for all family members
  • God's sufficient  provisions - for just what we need, when we need it
We are yet again humbled, for the gift of each and everyone in our lives, for the imprint that you leave on our hearts and minds.  Never do we want to take for granted the hard work, the shared tears, the many laughs, nor for your investment of time in our lives through sharing, teaching, and multitudes of prayer. 

May you and your family be blessed as we enter into this new year!  Take joy in the knowledge that trials are to grow us,  not break us.  Opportunities to serve others before ourselves are available at every turn in the road.  The manner in which you have impacted our family is significant and meaningful.  Wishing you and yours the very best for a healthy, happy New Year!

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