Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I've been doing it wrong all along!

Look closely.  It is what you think it is.  One pair of pants, on a shirt hanger.  Who would have thought that all these years, I have been doing this simple task wrong!   This is clearly an example of out of the box thinking!  This dwarf will not be pigeon holed into thinking that things have to be done a certain way,  that there is only one way to perform  a common household task. 

Clearly this dwarf, only knows that it is "wrong" in our home to have your clothing lying on the floor of your room or your closet.  Score one for the parents: message heard and  received, and in Bashful's mind,  task mastered!  

Never let it be said that Bashful is shy in the creative ways to get a task done.  Look in this random hanging, Bashful has shown, creativity, obedience, and a get 'er done attitude as he strives to please us by keeping his clothing off the floor of his closet and room.

Have you ever tried to hang your pants on a shirt hanger? I would say that it took more time and energy to do the above, than to put the pants right side out, fold them on the seams, and stick the small end of the pant let through a hanger bar, and pull them to even, as to not fall from said pants hanger.  Or to straighten them out and clip them to a pant hanger with clips from the waist.... My guess is that this dwarf, used anywhere from 15 -20 minutes trying to establish his authority over these pants.  One could guess from the haphazardness of these pants and their precarious balancing act on the shirt hanger that they did not go there, or staying there willingly or with ease. 

This shows moxie, this shows intense thought and problem solving skills.  The problem, the pants needed hung,  and using what I would consider the wrong tool, the dwarf still got the job done.  (I pulled this hanger with pants out of the closet, hung it on the angle, photographed it and returned it to the designated space in the closet and the pants never fell from the hanger.)  Persistence is what it took to find the balancing act that has kept the pants on the hanger since Sunday after church...last week. I think I may have underestimated the complexity of the mind of Bashful. Who knew I was really working with a genius.  An out of the box thinker.  Let this be a lesson to us all, where there is a will, there is always a way! 

You really can't make this stuff up, and this made me laugh out loud!!  

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