Saturday, September 14, 2013

I love my front door!

This morning here at the orphanage, even though it is only a little past 7, life has been moving and shaking for over an hour and a half.  The Prince has already been up and out, depositing a dwarf to the morning shift for a 6 am start time, and the dogs have been in and out probably about 5 times, a dwarf lies on the couch with the TV quietly playing in the back ground, and there has already been another dwarf, down the stairs looking for some breakfast. (Which, mom points for me, is in the oven baking as I type.)

What I appreciate about the calm of the morning is that it is a great opportunity to enjoy the relative quiet at my house.  I can reflect and ponder the goodness of the Lord, His blessings on our family and I can make a plan for later in the day when the house is not so calm.

I am enjoying today the coolness of the morning, and the stillness of the house. Yes, I know I indicated that already there is much movement, but the movement is NOT the same at 7am as it is at 7pm. Nor is the movement as fast or as loud! 

I love to look at my home in the early hours of the day and reflect on how great my home is and how much I love it.  It is a great reminder in the still, that my home is not a museum, it is not an institution (even though I jokingly refer to it as the orphanage).  It is a place filled with laughter and joy, with loud and large footfalls, it is filled with barking and crying, yelling and shouting.  Frustration and anxiety live here.  Fear sometime resides here.  Pride and joy, humility and love also fill these four walls. 

The best part about my house I think, is the entrance hall. Why you may ask? Well at the end of the hall is the front door.  The front door is one of my favorite parts of my house. For me it is a visual reminder to me of all those that enter these four walls.  All that have been here over the years. Some have come for a season, some stay with us for life, some for just a brief visit. Often we joke that it should just be a revolving door like at the big department stores, since more often than not there are "extras" here.   However, regardless of the length of one's stay,  the frequency of the visits, there is always an impact made on our lives when someone walks through the front door.   Today, I thank the Lord for each and every person that has entered our front door over the years.  Not just physically through this front door, it could be side door,  the sliding door, it could be the garage door,  the door at our first house, it could be the back yard gate, the sentiment is still the same.  I am grateful to each of you, for your love and support, your friendship, your companionship, for your contribution to making my house a home.  A haven.  A safe place.    

I know that today will break quickly here, the calm will soon disappear.  But each time I walk past the front door today I am committed to remembering and praying for you each.  May you each find time today to reflect on the wonders of your home, and the love that makes up your four walls. 

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