Friday, June 14, 2013

Start of the Scholar's Program

Doc and her youngest sib saying goodbye at Bucknell
To say the journey for Doc has been rocky would be an understatement, but today 6/6/13, we said goodbye to her for six weeks, as she begins the Scholars program at Bucknell University. 
As part of this program, that will result in a two year, paid in full scholarship, requires each student to apply for, interview and then participate if selected, in this 6 week summer session. 
Two years ago, her college course plotted, we were dropping her off to be a fighting bulldog, funny how the Lord's plans are bigger and better than those that we devise ourselves.  While the path to being a bison (and why are there so many animal mascots?) was not what we envisioned, nor did she, we are extrememly proud of her accomplishments.  She is a 4.0 student. She is driven, passionate about learning, thrives in stressful conditions with looming deadlines.  Clearly she impressed the HACC and Bucknell staff as she interviewed with 28 others for the 6 positions in this program, with her poise, charm, and social graces. While she may not admitt this out loud, she was being prepared for this journey the entire time, but had to wait for the Lord to show to her His plan.  We are proud of her for sustaining and staying on course and for having the courage to follow her heart and her dreams, while being flexible enough to seek alternative ways to make them a reality.
For each of you that has been following her journey, we say thank you for being faithful to pray for her, for her future and for us find the balance between parenting, guiding and loving our adult child. There have been many loud conversations about the future, many times of sorrow and joy, many uncertainties along the way, but one thing remained constant through it all, our faith in the Lord, knowing that His plans for her life were better than any we could have envisioned for her ourselves. 
Here's to a quick 6 weeks. We love you. We believe in you. 

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