Saturday, March 16, 2013

Skin Melts

I am living proof, that when skin meets flame, no matter how small the flame, your skin, well at least mine, will melt. 

Call it a senior moment, call it a stupidity, call it an accident... but I really do NOT have to wonder where my dwarfs "get it" from.

Living life like a mom, washing dishes and cooking dinner...  my wet hands, needed to be dried before stirring the pot of sauce on the stove.  I reach over, grab the hand towel off the counter, from beside the pot on the stove I was going to stir, to dry my hands and it feels hot, I look down in time to see a small flame, on the corner of the towel, touch the back of my hand, and melt a patch of skin...  I cry out simultaneously in pain, and amazement at what I had witnessed, I fling the towel to the counter and start yelling for help. 

There are only two others in the house, one upstairs and one downstairs, both plugged in to their electronics... a few moments of panic pass as I am struggling to find a band aide, cream and not pass out from the smell of burning towel and what I assume is my melted flesh... to the rescue comes my "skin baby".  She calmly helps me bandage the spot, and finds me a bag of shredded frozen cheese to cool down the spot , and turns and asks me... is the towel still on the fire? 

Gee, I do not know... but what I do know is that you really you can't make this stuff up...

(as a side note,  the towel was not on fire any longer, and while it hurt like a bugger, the spot of missing skin is only the size of a quarter and I am confident it will heal quickly.)

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