Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Normal

Well time has been flying by at a faster than normal clip these days - seems the older I get, the faster the days pass for me...

Yesterday we took our eldest to college.  There was much speculation about Doc and the beginning of her college career.  Just about as much speculation about how we as her parents were going to hold up.  But I am happy to report, it was time.  Time for Doc to start a new stage in life, time for her to spread her wings, become that independent beautiful creature that God and we, have prepared her to be! And time for her father and I to rejoice in the milestone of our eldest being equipped and ready for this stage of life.  Without our years of faithful and long-suffering love, patience, prayers, and direction, she would not have been so prepared, so I pause for just one small second to say -- well done to myself and the prince!

However for those of you that long for the details - we left our driveway at 6:18 am and progressed to the campus at a rate of 70 mph - in just under 3 hours. We were swiftly escorted to a parking garage and given a number 80 for our dorm and as Faith went to retrieve her room key and paperwork, the prince and I sat back and smiled!  As our car number was called we left the parking garage and headed to the drop off area outside the dorm, where a pile of  students greeted us and helped us carry all of Doc's belongings in to the building... smooth - no blown backs, no repeated trips up and back - in one fell swoop, van emptied.  We selected a bed, a closet, and a dresser and desk and set to making the space her own.

To say we are proud of her would be an understatement. To say that she is one of the great joys in our life would be an accurate assessment of our love for her. In all this, we know that God loves her more than we do, and that it was indeed time for this stage of life!

The van as we started loading it - about two more suitcases went in - another three boxes a backpack and a sports bag and two bags of Doritos! (thanks Aunt Shelly)

Bryan singing his happy Duke's song as we got off the exit for the campus!  

Walking up to Doc's dorm from the Quad

The Prince and I left the campus at 1:10 - we never felt the earth quake and neither did she... we prayed with her, hugged and kissed her, and said our good byes... not a single tear was shed.  You can't make this stuff up!

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