Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's in a Name???

Well I suppose I should start out by saying a name is a name right?  Many names are same - but spelled differently:
Amy, Ami, Amie
Sarah, Sara
Catherine, Katherine
Karen, Caryn

Hence the most recent tale of our dwarf Grumpy...

Now it also bears reminding you the reader that Grumpy is not know for his ability to make good choices, or even to be able to see into the future regarding things that he has done on the fly or off the cuff as it were.

I will back track a bit for you so that you can get the whole history on this particular situation.  Last week Grumpy came home from school on Thursday and was in a particulary fine mood.  In the midst of the arriving home chaos, he choose to fly way under the momma radar and disappear upon entering our home.  Often this happens as the kids always seem to wait to use the bathroom until they get home from school.  I am welcoming the Behavioral Service Team to the house to work with Sleepy and Bashful, and after about 10 minutes realize that Grumpy  is no where to be seen or heard....  Unusual to say the least - and at the most a good indicator that he is up to no good. 

So I settle everyone into their assignments - and go off in search of Grumpy - not in his room, not in the bathroom, not outside.  Head to the basement - TaDa ! there he is... watching TV which is an absolute no-no during the week.  (His excuse is that because Sneezy is home sick and is watching TV, so should he be allowed)  So I call him upstairs to get me his homework.

"Mom, I dont have any homework. |" That is funny I think to myself, because tomorrow is his spelling test.  I instruct him to go out to the garage and get his backpack - he comes in with just his planner... can you say RED flag???  When the boy ignores a directive, it is ALWAYS because he is trying to avoid something. 

I play his game - " Grumpy, I instructed you to get your back pack. Why did you only bring me the planner? "  No response - I open the planner - now mind you he is supposed to write his assignmnets in everyday! and the last three days are blank !  So I say - this is amazing - no homework?  Not even spelling ? 

GO OUT TO THE GARAGE AND GET YOUR BACKPACK....now... Notice becuase I think he may have hearing issues- NOT! I speak loudly so that I make sure he can hear me ---

He returns 5 minutes later with a big attitude and an even bigger mess.  We could officially change his dwarf name to Sloppy - but since that is not an option, I just wanted you to know that it would so fit in this particular moment. 

I make him remove all the items from his messy back pack - we have papers flying around everywhere, tests that were supposed to be signed and returned, papers for me to read about upcoming events, but most importantly balled up in the bottom of the bag (becasause if you make something look like trash, magically it is!) two hit sheets --- one dated 13 days prior and one for 4 days prior. 

"Hum..."I say to Grumpy - " what are these?"  No response - "when were you going to give these to me?"  "oh Today mom he says"   Really ??  Doubtful since this one is 13 days overdue!  His response - " Well I told my teacher you were holding them and refused to sign them like before."    NICE, the boy does listen! See side note!

Side note - yes one other time about three weeks ago he got some hit sheets and because they were over a week late when he gave them to me (or I shook him down for them) I told him and his teacher that if he was in no hurry to have me sign them so that he would not miss recess everyday - then I was not going to make signing these sheets a priority for me either - and when I got around to reading and signing them I would give them back to him to turn in, and in the meantime, he would need to continue missing recess or whatever the punishment was for such an offense.

So I email his teacher and let her know that I just got these items in my hands that day - Thursday and that as he stated to her previously I was in no hurry to return them and that she should just continue to administer consequences for him until he returns the hit sheets.

His teacher emails me and says in so many words that she is really sorry to have fallen... AGAIN... for Grumpy's shenanagans.   That on MONDAY ( reminder it is now Friday) he told her that I was holding the papers and that I refused to sign them.   So she was sorry and I could send them in whenever - but did I know that there were three, not two.    So I email back and say to her that I know she has a lot going on and I dont blame her for listening to Grumpy, but that she needs to remember that everything he says needs to be followed up on - yes that is exhausting - but look he got away with things for another 4 days and completely got his teacher off his back, and no I did not know that there was third.

Fast forward to Monday - over the weekend I signed Grumpy's sheets and sent them back to school with him.  When he went to turn them in after missing recess for 2 weeks basically, his teacher asked about the third one.  Oh he forgot to get it - goes to his desk and comes back with it ....

Signed by Brian Lingle --- not that the childish cursive would have given him away, but when you forge someone's name, you really should know how they spell it.  His daddy spells his name Bryan !!

Really, you can't make this stuff up!

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